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In an effort to be energy efficient with my 18 yr.home I called Power Home Remodeling to replace my windows and a slider door in rear of my house.

Every thing is super efficient and should last the rest of my life. In addition I had Power check my attic for proper insulation and as it turned the insulation had settled and no baffles were installed when the house was built. Both were installed. X-cel sent me a "Home Energy Report" indicating that my home is 52% more energy efficient then my neighbors and that rebates were available for heating equipment (including a nest thermostat), insulation and water heaters.

I got on line as directed and called X-cel rebate dept. where I was told that an energy audit was to be conducted by an x-cel contractor and that any work done was to be done by a x-cel contractor.

And that because the work had already been done NO rebate would be awarded for any item done.It would appear that any rebate program by X-cel is only a way to get you to hire their contractor so X-cel can get a kickback from them.

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I have a rental income house and tried to change xcel energy services over to my name since my tenant (who has been paying the services) is vacating the property and I want to continue to receive gas and electricity.Xcel took all my information and then transferred me over to ConnectSmart so that I could verify my name, mailing address and receive a "customer confirmation" number.

ConnectSmart then tried to give me all kinds of promotions and transferred me over to their television promotionals. I have no idea what this has to do with trying to change my xcel energy services over to my name. I'm very pissed off and suspect this is not kosher.

Let me know what you can find out about xcel enegey's connection with connectsmart.One pissed off xcel energy customer

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